At Comnavig Securex, we are committed to providing our clients’ technology solutions, with keen emphasis on service quality, and the deployment of highly reliable products and manpower. Our winning combination of exacting installation standards and state-of-the-art equipments, enable us to provide our clients with an unparalleled level of reliable service, and yet, still offering excellent value for money.

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Residential Security Systems

We provide high-quality home security systems completely designed by our experienced consultants, and implemented by our highly skilled engineers.

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Commercial Security Systems

From protecting essential data, high-value stock, to the safety and security of staff, we provide commercial security systems to meet your different security needs.

Home Automation

We design intelligent home automation systems with the focus on peace of mind and simplicity. Our solutions redefine the way they interact with their personal space.

Since 2005, Comnavig Securex Limited has been at the forefront of security and systems integration technology, core competencies range from the provision of design through to supply, installation, maintenance, configuration and support of security systems, home and office automation and integrated systems. We have been protecting the Nigerian public and infrastructure, aiding law enforcement by capturing vital information at strategic and sensitive locations across the country…


Thinking about working with Comnavig Securex? Here's why you should

  • We offer unbeatable value: We are committed to offering the best possible solution at a reasonable price. At the same time, it is our philosophy to offer a customer-focused service that delivers beyond expectations every time.
  • We work for the best: Our clients include some of the world’s most valuable and prestigious companies, who demand the highest standards from all of their vendors.
  • We work with the best: We work closely with industry-leading manufacturers to craft the ideal solution for each of our clients.

News & Updates

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